Friday, June 17, 2016

It Might Not Be Such A Good Idea....

I don't usually post much about current hot button issues, but since this happened to me it has made me think about the safety of allowing guns every damn where, so I figured I'd share it. Maybe you will find it food for thought....

Last weekend I was shopping at a Walmart. I accidentally bumped my cart into the back of a gentleman in front of me, apparently knocking the handgun he had stuffed in the back of his waistband out. The gun slid across the floor a few feet away from and behind the gentleman. He was completely unaware of the fact that it was no longer on his person, as he just kept walking away. I called to him to stop, telling him that he might want to pick it [the gun] up before someone else did. He turned 9 shades of red and picked up the gun saying "Thanks. I didn't realize...."

And that right there is why I think carrying guns every damn where just might not be the best idea in the world. He had no idea the gun had left his possession. In the short period of time the gun was on the floor of Walmart in the pasta aisle, anyone near it could have picked it up. And if it was loaded, heaven only knows what could have happened.

Why would you feel the need to arm yourself to shop in Walmart!? If you are that afraid of things, shop online and stay home. Please don't bring your gun, stuffed into the back of your waistband, into such a public place, and then be completely oblivious to the fact that the gun has been knocked out of your waistband! If you feel you must carry a gun, please please please use a holster to keep it safely on your person at all times. But better yet, keep us all safe and leave the gun at home in the gun safe where it belongs.

Think hard, little ones, about the very public and possibly life-altering stupid choices you make...especially when shopping in public.

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